small talk online

How To Make Small Talk In A Foreign Country

The absolute elementary step for finding a romantic partner is to actually gather the courage and talk to a stranger you are interested in. Getting introduced or making an ice-breaking comment only takes a couple of seconds, but it can also be an incredibly difficult step to take if you tend to be shy around strangers. Without doing this, however, it’s hard to imagine how people would ever find friends.

Small talk is so essential that you should be aware of the dos and don’ts when you talk to lovely girls or guys from around the world. We looked up how small talk is practiced and regarded in 5 areas on the globe, so here are a few tips for your online dating chats to go nice and smooth. (more…)

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bad dating profile pics

The Five Don’ts of Dating Profile Pics

Let’s face it, not all of us are incredibly handsome or have a six-pack, so if we’re not all the good-looking, does that intrinsically mean that we can’t look good in our profile photos without the help of Photoshop? Well, wrong, when browsing dating profiles, people are usually looking for honesty, and that means displaying who you really are from the first picture. It’s essential to pick the right profile photo because, let’s face it, even if you are a brilliant neurosurgeon with your own house and car, what people will first see is your face and (maybe) your body. We’re visual creatures, especially when it comes to the Internet, so learn to feed the beast with the right profile pic.

We’ve gathered several bad examples of dating profile pictures to show you just what you shouldn’t do.


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the dinner test

Can Your Relationship Pass The Dinner Test?

Found your soulmate? Good job! But will eating together make you reconsider? Believe it or not, a spouse or long-term partner can influence your eating habits a great deal. When you’re dating, different styles of eating may not become immediately obvious, but try going for years without letting these differences take a toll on you.

One big step in the life of a couple is the decision of moving in together. When that happens, ideally, there is already a strong bond between the two lovebirds, a bond that is kept by many common views and habits. (more…)

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love bridge Taipei

4 Unbelievable Bridges To Declare Your Love On

Bridges are among the locations that tend to be associated with couples in love. To be fair, they are potent symbols for relationships and what they entail: connecting with a lover, learning to meet halfway with another person, filling in an emotional gap, and any other significance people attribute to these otherwise technical structures. Judging by the amount of padlocks couples are locking on bridges to signify their unbreakable love, it is safe to say bridges are solid choices if you’re looking for the perfect place to declare love to your partner.

We are particularly fond of thinking about bridges in this manner as EastLovesWest is bridging the gap between the East and the West by making love possible across the world. So if you’re looking to declare love to your better half, why not try it on one of these most majestic bridges.


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sexy love texts

Sexy Texts For Dirty Minds

Sexting is a relatively new hype, which came along with the widespread popularity of mobile phones, and especially smartphones with their amazingly user-friendly apps. Dating apps have a big role in the diffusion of sexting in the mainstream. We’re not just saying that. Sexting is really a habit that many adults tried at least once in their lifetime, with a study carried out at Drexel University, indicating a number as high as 9 out of 10 people admitting to have sexed recently.

Perhaps the number sounds a little exaggerated, but this might be a consequence of the way the term sext has been defined for the purposes of this survey. Any message that included sexual innuendos, to more straight-forward flirting and sexually explicit content was included in the definition of sexting. (more…)

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seaside holiday affair

Sexy Holiday Affairs

It’s the peak of the holiday season, which means that most of you guys and girls around here are in full-blown packing mode, collecting everything you need for a vacation. Don’t forget to include some protection in your luggage this summer. And we don’t mean just UV protection, we figure sunscreen is already at the top of your list. It’s condoms that you should remember to throw in your bag, because sightseeing and swimming shouldn’t be the only physical activity you get to do these days.

Illicit Encounters, a UK-focused website for extra-marital affairs recently ran survey on 1000 of its members, aiming to find out more about flings during holidays abroad. The results are impressive. If having a romantic affair is widely accepted as being pretty much the very definition of cheating, this survey revealed that there is an exception to that rule: holiday flings. (more…)

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best sex fantasies

4 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Even for those with intense lives in the bedroom, there are at least a couple of scenarios they would want to put into practice and haven’t yet. Of course, we’re talking about sexual fantasies, which occasionally almost everyone likes to think about.

Although psychologists are still debating on how our subconscious creates fantasies, one thing is clear: sexual fantasies are common among all genders, ages, and relationship statuses. While there is a vast wealth of arousing scenarios that people created in their minds, there are a handful of fantasies that seem to pervade. We made a short and delightful list for your inspiration.  (more…)

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low calorie food

5 Low-Calorie Healthy Meals You Already Have At Home

There is a pretty big hype about some so-called negative calories foods. These are supposed to help you lose weight as an effect of making your body burn more calories than they contain. The argument behind the negative calories food theory is that certain fruits in vegetables are so high in water and fiber that your digestive system will end up burning more calories than those ingested.

It’s been proved, however, that no digestion boost is enough to burn enough calories to make a significant difference. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t take advantage of the low calories foodstuff through these hot summer weeks, when heavy meals are unconceivable anyway. Here’s a quick list of low calorie foods that you probably have in your kitchen right now. (more…)

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friends with benefits

Are Friends With Benefits Meant To Last?

Between platonic friendships and full-fledged relationships, people get involved in what is spoken about as some sort of unicorn – friends with benefits type of relationships. The great challenge to being intimately involved with a friend is that the rules and boundaries of the relationship are very hard to define, and thus vary widely among couples who find themselves in this state of affairs.

In the U.S., the friends with benefits type of commitments are no longer limited to college students, but instead started to be practiced by wider demographics as well. And so, scholars who study love and intimacy ventured to find out how these relationships work. (more…)

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pick good wine

How To Pick A Good Bottle of Wine

Oenologists are the God-send experts who can test and appreciate the quality of wine. They judge and rank wine assortments, giving us some all-important clues about the best wines there are throughout the world.

Both Europe and the United States have a huge production of wine, coming from very specific regions, and thus with widely varying characteristics. But since most of us here are not trained wine experts, here are some basic tips about how to buy wine for your everyday dinner at home, or weekend get together with your loved one.   (more…)

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