the dinner test

Can Your Relationship Pass The Dinner Test?

Found your soulmate? Good job! But will eating together make you reconsider? Believe it or not, a spouse or long-term partner can influence your eating habits a great deal. When you’re dating, different styles of eating may not become immediately obvious, but try going for years without letting these differences take a toll on you.

One big step in the life of a couple is the decision of moving in together. When that happens, ideally, there is already a strong bond between the two lovebirds, a bond that is kept by many common views and habits. (more…)

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low calorie food

5 Low-Calorie Healthy Meals You Already Have At Home

There is a pretty big hype about some so-called negative calories foods. These are supposed to help you lose weight as an effect of making your body burn more calories than they contain. The argument behind the negative calories food theory is that certain fruits in vegetables are so high in water and fiber that your digestive system will end up burning more calories than those ingested.

It’s been proved, however, that no digestion boost is enough to burn enough calories to make a significant difference. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t take advantage of the low calories foodstuff through these hot summer weeks, when heavy meals are unconceivable anyway. Here’s a quick list of low calorie foods that you probably have in your kitchen right now. (more…)

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pick good wine

How To Pick A Good Bottle of Wine

Oenologists are the God-send experts who can test and appreciate the quality of wine. They judge and rank wine assortments, giving us some all-important clues about the best wines there are throughout the world.

Both Europe and the United States have a huge production of wine, coming from very specific regions, and thus with widely varying characteristics. But since most of us here are not trained wine experts, here are some basic tips about how to buy wine for your everyday dinner at home, or weekend get together with your loved one.   (more…)

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healthy dinner ideas

Healthy Dinner Choices For Your Date

Going out for dinner is a fabulous occasion to spend time with a date, but then there’s the dread of going through the menu and struggling to pick something both delicious and healthy. Settling for salad all the time gets old really fast, so we thought of several fulfilling meals you can pick from any restaurant’s menu.

They’re all approved by nutrition experts for their amazing qualities. Now you can finally think of these dishes less as guilty pleasures and more as smart meal choices. We thought about a main course and a couple of delicious desserts for your hot dinner date, so all you need to do is enjoy the company without worrying about calories. (more…)

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sweet girl tastes cake

The Sweet Taste Of Love

Sweetness, sugar, honey, cutie pie are all pet names people in love use to express their feelings for each other. Love is widely associated with food that tastes sweet, and several teams of psychologists asked whether there is something more to it than a simple metaphor. Turns out we are so used to linking love to sweets that now we are more prone to being attracted to a potential partner if we’re given something sweet to eat at a first date. That makes (can you guess it?) falling in love a piece of cake!

Words have power beyond just describing the world, and that’s clear in many ways, but who knew that all those metaphors about love tasting sweet could gain such a literal sense? To everyone’s surprise, experiments showed that potential partners were more open towards starting a relationship when they had something sweet to eat over the first date. It’s practically a win-win, you know, like to have cake and eat it too. (more…)

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loving couple

Tips For Healthy Relationships

It’s not always easy to keep a relationship going. Being with someone is hard work, especially when problems may appear. But keeping things under control is not at all impossible. Especially if you truly love the people in your life. is here with a couple of tips and tricks on how to make sure you overcome every kind of issue that may come your way!

There are countless couples who have had rocky periods during their relationship. The way they solved each of them is simple. A small part of what you need to do is this: approach the difficult situations with love, respect and understanding. But this is only one step and you need to keep in mind other solutions, too. Here’s what couples who’ve been in long relationships have to say on the matter!


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healthy eating

4 Healthy Recipes For Couples is all about love. Love of people, love of new cultures and experiences, as well as love of food. Especially the healthy type. In case you were wondering what to eat and stay in shape together with your partner, we have some of the yummiest recipes ever!

What you’ll see below contains only natural ingredients. Each of the recipes we recommend is not at all difficult to prepare. You’ll see for yourselves what we mean if you read this post. Enjoy and have fun!


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