benefits of sleeping naked

Why Sleeping Naked Is Gaining Popularity

Longer and colder nights call for adding an item or two to our regular nightgowns. Only that happens less than one would presume. According to several polls from Europe and the United States, more and more people are admitting to sleeping naked, or in very light outfits.

If you are feeling particularly sleepy and think an article about what people wear to bed will be the final drop before you dozing off, you couldn’t be more wrong. That is because organizations such as The Sleep Foundation and other places funny like that are working day and night to provide amazing insights about sleep lifestyles if we may say so. Check out these fun facts and find out if your bed habits are different from the average. (more…)

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fake cool boyfriend

Why You May Want An Imaginary Lover Now

Imaginary friends and, even worse, made-up boyfriends or girlfriends were stuff of universal mockery in your early years, maybe – a sure way to get yourself bullied by your schoolmates.

What if we told you make-believe relationships are now a great commodity that those bullies from high school may be willing to pay for now? We’re not talking about paying for an actual relationship, but about an app that will create a believable partner for you to show your family when they get a bit too inquisitive. (more…)

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ideal marriage proposal

The Ideal Marriage Proposals

Proposing to a loved one can be a particularly stressful moment, and for some it takes months of thinking and preparation. If you’re one of the lucky folks who managed to find a significant other and want to tie the knot, we may have some answers for your proposal-related dilemmas.

Lisa Hoplock, a researcher on love and relationship, conducted a small study about how people imagine the perfect marriage proposal, and how it was actually enacted by their partners. She asked the users of Science of Relationships, a website about love and dating, how and where their marriage proposal took place, and if that matched their expectations. (more…)

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best matches

Best Ways To Find A Good Match

Online dating sites and apps are praised for the wide amount of information they display. Just by spending a few minutes browsing a person’s profile, we are likely to find out not only how they look like, but also their age, occupation, hobbies, and a lot of life-style information. Among these, there is one famous dating app that offers very little space for personal info about its users. That is, of course, Tinder, with its sometimes infamous scarce room for personal info.

As a matter of fact, the only information Tinder users are revealed about the others is photos, age, and general area of residence. This leaves it up to users to get to know each other better via chat, and go as they please about dating face to face or not. While Tinder has been often criticized for being a mere hookup app, there is some evidence showing that, in fact, knowing a lot of personal information about a potential love partner doesn’t improve the chances of a successful relationship. (more…)

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love and breakups

What You Need To Know About Breakups


The average age at first marriage in the United States is 27 years old for women and almost 30 for men. Europe isn’t much different either, with some areas such as Scandinavia reporting a median of over 30 years old for the event in question. To get a sense of how much the attitudes towards marriage have shifted, in the 1950s U.S., the median age at first marriage was 20 for women and 23 for men, and it only began to increase slowly from the 1980s onwards. However, it was not until the last several years that people stopped feeling compelled to marry in their early 20s in the States.

What this extended intro on numbers comes to show is a noteworthy picture of how we got to envision love. The fact of the matter is that by marrying later, people are now embarking in a string of relationships before finding a partner they choose to tie the knot with. There is a certain cycle of love that in most cases inevitably entails a breakup stage. To a great extent, the breakup stage is the most difficult part of a relationship, perhaps only with only some exceptionally bad relationships. So what ways do people find to explain and cope with a breakup? We gathered a few information to help you understand breakups better. (more…)

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happy relationship

Relationship Tips We Took From Great Romantic Movies

Romance movies are usually far from being the go-to place for relationship advice. Many of the films about relationships, and rom-coms especially are filled with unrealistic couples and situations. This makes for all the fun, sure – no one would dare claiming that a feel-good piece should provide psychological counselling. However, there are more than a handful of directors and script writers who took the genre to another level.

Some of the movies that tackle with couple issues and their love life really go above and beyond the general recipes used for romantic movies. We picked a small batch that made us think about non-fictional, real life relationship issues that most couples had to deal with at one point or another. These films about love are more down to earth, and seem to have avoided the classic “Prince Charming seduces girl and they live happily ever after” story. Instead, we tried to look into the plots of a bit more insightful movies and draw a few pieces of relationship advice from the fictional love stories depicted there.


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virtual relationship girl

The Comfort And Joy Of Virtual Relationships

Virtual relationships in a broader sense aren’t a new thing at all. The term is currently used to describe the romantic online correspondence between two people. Pen pals, however, have been around for ages, and plenty of things stand as proof of that. Books comprising love letters between famous writers have been published in multiple editions, and if we’re lucky enough, we may find some old letters at our grandparents’ homes.

Now maintaining a virtual relationship is not only easier, but also more fun. That’s largely because the Internet is a game changer in more than one way. Not only we can now form a connection with someone across the world, but we are no longer limited to writing, not to mention we can talk in real time instead of waiting for letters to arrive. Beside the chat window, online lovers can use video, photos, and a bunch of apps that can draw them closer together. With all these tools at hand, the big bugging question we all have in mind is whether love between people in virtual relationships is, as they say, real.


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lonely woman airplane

Love At Rare Sight? How Long Distance Relationships Work

In this day and age almost everyone can enjoy the advantages of being able to travel and live almost anywhere in virtually no time, and with relatively small costs. Cupid made a long due update for his arrows too, so now he’s marching girls and guys from all across the world. But when guy and girl move to separate countries after their relationship had already gone steady, the situation has “trouble” spelled all over it.

There’s no wicked god of long distance relationships who can knit solid threads between you love birds. Luckily enough though, there are plenty of apps for that. There are also many benefits of being in a long distance relationship, which indeed may not seem so obvious when longing for your sweetheart, but that are guaranteed to pay out on the long run. We are not just saying this – some serious researcher at The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships (we are not making that up[1]) can confirm. So let’s talk about long distance couples and how their relationships work and prosper.


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european gems

Europe’s Hidden Wonders: 9 Gorgeous Cities!

Everyone’s heard of or been to London, Paris, Amsterdam and many other famous places. Each of them has its own charm, there’s no doubt about it. But perhaps you want to go somewhere that’s not as popular, because you crave silence and peace. Or you love the thrill of discovering hidden spots no one’s been in.

We dug up and recently found some great unknown cities for you to visit this summer in Europe. You get Portugal, Italy and many others in-between. Look for plane tickets, accommodation and you’re good to go. Have fun with the one you love (or keep your eyes peeled and you may find your better half among the locals)!


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