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Romance And Average-Looking People

Were you under the impression that handsome men and gorgeous women are getting all the heat in the bedroom? Think again. A Chapman University study revealed that there are quite a few interesting aspects to the sex life of an average-looking person. Especially in online communities, rating someone’s probability to score in the sack based on looks is especially prevalent.

One of the best examples that comes to mind is a half tongue-in-cheek, half serious type of comment that goes on Reddit for instance, reading “x out of 10” in relation to someone’s appearance. The rating is followed by the assessment of whether that person is worth taking to bed or not. (more…)

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A Kinky Spin To Online Dating: Pen Pals

A letters exchange may not be on the top of the list that come to mind when we think of online dating, but that doesn’t mean there is no worth to it. As a matter of fact, having a pen pal can be a lot of fun.

We found an online community dedicated to people who are looking for a partner for dirty text exchanges. If you have a Reddit account and a way with words you can join it too, just be prepared to play naughty. (more…)

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Sexy Texts For Dirty Minds

Sexting is a relatively new hype, which came along with the widespread popularity of mobile phones, and especially smartphones with their amazingly user-friendly apps. Dating apps have a big role in the diffusion of sexting in the mainstream. We’re not just saying that. Sexting is really a habit that many adults tried at least once in their lifetime, with a study carried out at Drexel University, indicating a number as high as 9 out of 10 people admitting to have sexed recently.

Perhaps the number sounds a little exaggerated, but this might be a consequence of the way the term sext has been defined for the purposes of this survey. Any message that included sexual innuendos, to more straight-forward flirting and sexually explicit content was included in the definition of sexting. (more…)

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4 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Even for those with intense lives in the bedroom, there are at least a couple of scenarios they would want to put into practice and haven’t yet. Of course, we’re talking about sexual fantasies, which occasionally almost everyone likes to think about.

Although psychologists are still debating on how our subconscious creates fantasies, one thing is clear: sexual fantasies are common among all genders, ages, and relationship statuses. While there is a vast wealth of arousing scenarios that people created in their minds, there are a handful of fantasies that seem to pervade. We made a short and delightful list for your inspiration.  (more…)

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friends with benefits

Are Friends With Benefits Meant To Last?

Between platonic friendships and full-fledged relationships, people get involved in what is spoken about as some sort of unicorn – friends with benefits type of relationships. The great challenge to being intimately involved with a friend is that the rules and boundaries of the relationship are very hard to define, and thus vary widely among couples who find themselves in this state of affairs.

In the U.S., the friends with benefits type of commitments are no longer limited to college students, but instead started to be practiced by wider demographics as well. And so, scholars who study love and intimacy ventured to find out how these relationships work. (more…)

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Is More Sex Better For You?

Among activities that give people most pleasure, sex is way up there at the top of the list. Surveys are consistently indicating that when asked to point out what factors ensure their well-being, most people rank sexual activity as the number 1 thing that is prone to making them happy.

One study even went as far as to formulate the idea that those couples who go from having sex once a month to a more intense activity of going at it weekly are also scoring high in the happiness department. To be precise, the two authors (David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald) maintain that such increase in one’s sex life is equivalent to earning a sudden extra $50.000. That’s quite some happiness there, we’ll say.


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rules of attraction

Rules Of Attraction: Just What Do We Look For In A Partner?

We’re all too familiar with rumors about young beautiful women marrying older rich men. Think Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Knauss-Trump. Then, the prettiest girls from school or from work are often known for being sexually promiscuous. Stories like these are widely used as moral tales, claiming that pretty girls are sleazy and rich boys are always keen to take advantage of that. Or is it that everybody’s after something and, if given the resources, we’re more than happy to trade looks for finances and vice-versa? In any case, these stories are told to prove a bitter point – not that easy to pin down, but it’s something along the lines of love and life being unfair to those of us who are dreadfully average and hardworking. What a drag.

Luckily, we know of someone who carefully documented the most desirable qualities in a potential partner. Spoiler alert: that thing about trophy wives is a myth, sort of. Well, let’s put it this way: we have good news and bad news. The good news is that there is no such thing as a trade between looks and money when it comes to going steady with a romantic partner. The bad news is that pretty girls marry handsome guys, and same goes for the wealth factor, i.e. well-off people choose well-off partners. Now, don’t give up just yet. There is much more to the story, and some bonus good news is that by and large, people manage to find perfectly fine (if mostly temporary) partners to make them happy.


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Get Lost In Paradise: 9 Places to Be This Summer!

It’s shaping up to be a great summer! Have you already made plans for this amazing season? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Get that credit card ready and start looking for flights. We’re here with a complete list of the best summer destinations for you. If you’re already in a relationship, you’re set to have the best of fun with your lover in these places. But in case you’re single, we guarantee you’ll find the girl of your dreams if you give one of these destinations a chance. Either way, you’ll never want to go home, and that’s a fact!

We bet you already can’t wait to see what we have in mind for you this summer. We can’t tell you just yet. What we can tell you is this: every second you’ll spend there will make you want to never come back. You’ll be equally happy by yourself and with the one you love. The locals, particularly the women and men, are oh so very beautiful and interested in mingling with foreigners. Who knows, you may very well find the love of your life in one of the places we want you to discover!


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first date sex

Yes To Sex On The First Date

You found a nice date for the night and had a great time together. Now that’s fantastic, is it not? The only downfall, it would seem, is the matter of sex on the first date, which wreaks havoc with the otherwise fun chats about sexy times. The deal with having sex after a first encounter is that there is an incredibly amount of energy some people put into deciphering the possible consequences of ending a date under the sheets. If Jane and John got hot and steamy, will John call her the next day? Will John think that Jane’s a slut? Is Jane a slut? To borrow a famous reaction from George Takei, “oh myyy!” Without wanting to hop on the outrage train, here’s our two cents.

Sex on the first date works great as long as both partners are up for it and it’s downright amazing if they both enjoy it. Whether John and Jane will remain a couple, that’s for John and Jane to figure out, and we think putting out on the first date has very little, if anything, to do with it. An overwhelmingly large amount of commentaries on the Internet are stating that there are more chances of finding a longer-term partner if, as a girl, you withhold sex for several dates. Otherwise, according to this line of thought, putting out after a first date will make the guy disrespect you.


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hook-up habits

Hook-Up Habits In The US And Germany

The rise of what is referred to as the “hookup culture” is noticeable even if we only look at the large number of terms related to dating. We have a large pool of terms to choose from when we want to say we are not in a committed relationship. To name but a few, we do casual dating, no-strings-attached flings, one night stands, getting together, hanging out. But how do people actually go about finding a partner in different parts of the world?

We got one answer to this question from a study on young New Yorkers and Berliners, which gave us a little bit of insight about the courtship differences between the U.S. and Eastern Europe. Turns out, when it comes to hooking up, Americans and Germans are worlds apart. While the U.S. folks tend to spend a lot of time experimenting with different partners, the German young are in it for the long run.


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