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Can You Pick The Best Dating Site For You?

Not all dating sites are equal, although each of them meets someone’s needs. If you haven’t found the kind of partner you were looking for, you maybe need to look elsewhere. Depending on what you look for in a romantic relationship, you should opt for one type of website or another.

Let us guide you through every type of dating website, and help you choose the one where people like you are most active. We draw on data from, an organization tracking everything that is trending in the online dating market. Their focus is on the UK specifically, but rest assured their insights are amazing tools to improve your dating life. There are essentially 5 types of dating sites, and here’s how you can choose the right one for you. (more…)

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first date safety

5 Tips To Prevent A Bad First Date

First dates, oh, those are quite some roller-coasters. On the one hand, there are the butterflies in our stomach, all the anticipation and preparation for the big day. On the other hand, there’s the anxiety and the lingering doubts: what if he/she is nothing of how I thought he/she would be?

In this sense first dates with people met online are unpredictable. And to varying extent, we all hate not having control over the outcomes of a situation. In spite of the huge amount of advice you probably gathered so far anyway, here are a few tips we wish we knew of before going to a series of bad first dates. (more…)

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phone number privacy

How Much Personal Info Should You Share With Online Dates?

We just recently went through the topic of scams in the online dating universe, so this may be a good time to talk about privacy. Say you met a great guy or girl that you’ve been chatting up for a while now. Things start moving forward and you start talking about finding a way to keep in touch at any point of the day. You share phone numbers, which allows you not only to constantly chat, but also to hear each other’s voices.

Feeling sparkles again is wonderful, as it should, but don’t lose your head in the process. A survey from Bandwith shows that people who use online dating services are growing more reluctant towards sharing their phone number, and here is why you should care about it. (more…)

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5 Conversation Starter Tips in Online Dating

Many people, be they men or women, are intimidated when they first join an online dating community. They quickly browse through profiles and find someone they like, but they freeze when it comes down to actually sending a friend request, let alone writing an initial message. To turn off the pressure, lots of folks resume the whole first encounter with a quick “hello, how are you?”, but many times that’s not enough.

Think about it, what if you were walking down the street and someone just stopped you to say hi – no name, no introduction. It’s just not kosher. So, if you’re stumped on how to start your first conversation with someone, here are our 5 conversation starter tips in online dating:


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avoid dating scams

How Online Dating Scams Work

Dozens of dating apps and dating sites are currently available for widespread use. You can find an online match in almost any part of the world, no matter how small or remote your town may be. With the increase of romantic opportunities due to online dating, came a new class of scammers – the romantic tricksters.

Online dating scams got so varied over the past few years, that if we were to tell the stories we could create a whole new blog section to call “EastLovesWest scams” and never run out of cases from all around the web. But despite their diversity, all of these stories have a range of perfectly similar elements. Let’s list them here so you can make a check list if you ever find yourself suspecting the hot guy you’ve been chatting with to be a scammer. (more…)

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bad dating profile pics

The Five Don’ts of Dating Profile Pics

Let’s face it, not all of us are incredibly handsome or have a six-pack, so if we’re not all the good-looking, does that intrinsically mean that we can’t look good in our profile photos without the help of Photoshop? Well, wrong, when browsing dating profiles, people are usually looking for honesty, and that means displaying who you really are from the first picture. It’s essential to pick the right profile photo because, let’s face it, even if you are a brilliant neurosurgeon with your own house and car, what people will first see is your face and (maybe) your body. We’re visual creatures, especially when it comes to the Internet, so learn to feed the beast with the right profile pic.

We’ve gathered several bad examples of dating profile pictures to show you just what you shouldn’t do.


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online dating scams

5 Tips On How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Online Dating

Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen for a scam or two along the years. Whether it was that nice Nigerian Prince asking for our help and promising us the moon later or that pop-up notification telling us we won something on that silly games site we visit more than we’d like to admit, we’ve all been fooled, duped, hoodwinked, tricked, deceived or bamboozled. Every day we go online, we’re basically signing an unwritten agreement that someone will play a trick on us and we’ll either fall for it or not. But, in the end, despite knowing all of this, we can’t help but get upset and make all our complaints public on every single forum we can find. Am I right or am I right?

In online dating as well, like over any social network, you can get scammed. But there’s also a lot of bad press going around because of competition between sites. Googling “Eastloveswest scam”, for example, will produce a couple of results – mostly complaints on forums about scam profiles on our website. Sometimes we know those posts were created by the competition and sometimes we find actual fake profiles that we immediately ban. The point is that bad reviews are sometimes honest and sometimes invented and you can never really know for sure until you try that particular website whose review you’re reading.


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