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Healthy Dinner Choices For Your Date

Going out for dinner is a fabulous occasion to spend time with a date, but then there’s the dread of going through the menu and struggling to pick something both delicious and healthy. Settling for salad all the time gets old really fast, so we thought of several fulfilling meals you can pick from any restaurant’s menu.

They’re all approved by nutrition experts for their amazing qualities. Now you can finally think of these dishes less as guilty pleasures and more as smart meal choices. We thought about a main course and a couple of delicious desserts for your hot dinner date, so all you need to do is enjoy the company without worrying about calories.

healthy dinner date

The first thing you should pick from a restaurant’s menu may come as a surprise, since it’s usually thought of as a guilty pleasure. It’s red meat. If you’re craving a steak, then you must know of the multiple benefits of red meat. The protein in this dish is thermogenic, which means that it will speed up your metabolism. Red meat is also rich in vitamin B, as well as minerals such as Iron and Zinc.

red wine date

And you know what goes great with red meat? Red wine, of course. Don’t skimp on the bottle of red wine you just ordered, and keep in mind that it’s much healthier to go for the ones without sulfites. A glass or two at the dinner table can have extremely positive effects on the heart in more than one sense of the word. For one, health experts say that wine contains antioxidants that work magic for your blood vessels. On top of that, a little red wine is certainly a great aphrodisiac, bound to make your heart beat just a little bit faster.

healthy dark chocolate

As for dessert, luckily there are several healthy and delicious options. Of course, now that it’s summer, picking a dessert is much easier thanks to the huge variety of fresh fruits. Go for a bowl of berries, and add a little bit of ice cream. No need to feel guilty for indulging yourself on this small pleasure, a little ice cream is a way to reward yourself for eating fruit.

Alternately, if you have a sweet tooth for something more than fruit and ice cream, you can try chocolate. Alas, not any type of chocolate goes if you want to stick to your healthy diet. Instead of your regular milk and caramel chocolate bar, try dark chocolate. With its high in fiber, zinc and iron content, dark chocolate is much healthier and has fewer calories than the other types of chocolate on the market. So go ahead and enjoy your date, while also being able to taste some of your favorite dishes. If that’s not a recipe for a perfect date, we don’t know what is!


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