the dinner test

Can Your Relationship Pass The Dinner Test?

Found your soulmate? Good job! But will eating together make you reconsider? Believe it or not, a spouse or long-term partner can influence your eating habits a great deal. When you’re dating, different styles of eating may not become immediately obvious, but try going for years without letting these differences take a toll on you.

One big step in the life of a couple is the decision of moving in together. When that happens, ideally, there is already a strong bond between the two lovebirds, a bond that is kept by many common views and habits.

Of all, the habit of sitting at the dinner table with a loved one is perhaps the most rewarding. In theory. Practically, planning and sharing meals often becomes one of the biggest hassles in the life of a couple.

Instead of the romantic picture most of us tend to paint in our minds before finding a significant other, we get a mouthful of confusion. You like a light meal, but your partner is a fried meat lover. You take dinner at 7, while your partner only gets hungry at 10. It doesn’t sound like much until you’re faced with these small clashes every day.

fighting over food

A sticky situation

Take Carolyn and Andy for example, a successful couple now living in Amsterdam. What and when they would eat for dinner didn’t seem like a topic to argue about before moving in together, but it gradually became more of a hassle once their relationship progressed. Andy loves a good pork chop, is a big fan of pasta to which he adds spices with great largess. He also loves to cook a couple of times a week, while Carolyn is more of a takeout fan.

“When we first moved in together I was looking forward to talking over the dinner table every night” says Carolyn. “I quickly learned that if I was to keep pace with Andy’s eating style, I’d also have to open a subscription to a heart doctor. All he eats is basically dripping grease, it’s like he’s preserving fats for hibernation.” Carolyn confessed with a straight face.

bacon dating app

Bacon matching app

For couples with such clashes in eating preferences, there is an app, of course. It’s like Tinder, only with bacon. Sizzl, by its name, will match you with a potential partner largely based on how much you love bacon.

After answering a few questions about bacon, you can see who you’re matching with and instead of swiping you can express interest by holding the like button. The more you like the guy or girl, the longer you keep your finger on the button and let it sizzle. On the long run, if eating your way is not something you are willing to compromise on, get on an online dating website and start flirting with foodies like yourself.

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