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5 Low-Calorie Healthy Meals You Already Have At Home

There is a pretty big hype about some so-called negative calories foods. These are supposed to help you lose weight as an effect of making your body burn more calories than they contain. The argument behind the negative calories food theory is that certain fruits in vegetables are so high in water and fiber that your digestive system will end up burning more calories than those ingested.

It’s been proved, however, that no digestion boost is enough to burn enough calories to make a significant difference. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t take advantage of the low calories foodstuff through these hot summer weeks, when heavy meals are unconceivable anyway. Here’s a quick list of low calorie foods that you probably have in your kitchen right now.

carrots low calories

1. Carrots

Easily available in any produce section of supermarkets, carrots are a great low calories vegetable that you can eat as such or in a tasty salad. Bonus points for carrots as they are low in cholesterol and saturated fat, while being rich in vitamin A, C, K, and potassium.

spinach healthy meals

2. Spinach

There are hundreds of different dishes that include a healthy portion of spinach, although admittedly, there are fewer equally low in calories items you can mix it with. Try it instead of lettuce, and don’t skimp on carrots when making a spinach salad. It only has 7 calories per cup, and it contains iron, vitamin C, K and healthy antioxidants. Yum!

low calorie tomatoes

3. Tomatoes

A salad is not complete without the taste of a few juicy tomatoes, and with only about 20 calories a mid-size tomato, you’ve got yourself a super meal. Similar to many vegetables that are low in calories, tomatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin C. They are also thought to protect against skin cancer, among other diseases.

cabbage calories

4. Cabbage

Purple cabbage, more than other types of cabbage, is known to do wonders not only as a tasty treat in a light summer salad, but also for its health benefits. Cabbage is simply 22 calories/ cup of deliciousness, and you most likely have some in the fridge from the week’s shopping basket.

green tea benefits

5. Green Tea

With zero calories, green tea is refreshing and healthy, but also a smart option for your daily choice of beverages. Not only does green tea keep your silhouette in check, but its antioxidants can work towards preventing cancer and a lot of other diseases.




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