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Tips For Healthy Relationships

It’s not always easy to keep a relationship going. Being with someone is hard work, especially when problems may appear. But keeping things under control is not at all impossible. Especially if you truly love the people in your life. Eastloveswest.com is here with a couple of tips and tricks on how to make sure you overcome every kind of issue that may come your way!

There are countless couples who have had rocky periods during their relationship. The way they solved each of them is simple. A small part of what you need to do is this: approach the difficult situations with love, respect and understanding. But this is only one step and you need to keep in mind other solutions, too. Here’s what couples who’ve been in long relationships have to say on the matter!

holding hands


Walk hand in hand

Next time you take a walk in the park, make sure you hold hands with your lover! There’s nothing better than to feel the warmth of your partner while taking in the sights. It’s also great to walk side by side instead of you taking the lead and leaving her behind. You’re equals, never forget that.

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Take showers together

When you’ve already been intimate with one another for a while, how about sharing the shower? Many couples find this romantic. It’s also a sign of being very comfortable around one another. You can always shampoo her hair and she can do the same. Another welcome idea: each of you can scrub one another’s backs. Your girlfriend may even get a hold of a body scrub and use it on your feet. And you can protect the environment at the same time!


couple hugging


Hug as often as possible

It doesn’t matter when or why you hug your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife. Just do it every day, if you can. Hug one another as soon as you’re both done with work, after you’ve had an appointment with a friend, after you haven’t seen each other in a couple of days, hug hug hug! The human skin has great memory when it comes to embraces. If you haven’t done it yet, your skin will feel neglected.


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Don’t go to bed at different times

When you’ve just started your relationship, you will always want to go to bed at the same time. That’s because you can’t wait to do it, because it means making love as well as being all sorts of intimate with one another. Even if one of you wakes up earlier or later than the other one, going to bed together at the exact same time is great! Eastloveswest.com totally recommends it.




Saying “I love you” does wonders

Just like hugging your lover is all sorts of magical, telling them “I love you” does wonders, too. But make sure you say it each and every day, so they don’t forget just how much you mean to them. And they’ll have plenty of lovely thoughts to accompany them on the way to work! Wishing your loved person “Have a good day” works the same, so don’t be afraid to say it as often as possible.


watching movies


Watch movies and TV shows together

Many girls and guys don’t like the idea of binge-watching their partner’s favorite TV shows or movies. Try to be open and let yourself get sucked in for the sake of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Who knows, you might end up liking and becoming an ardent fan of said movie or TV show! And you’ll have plenty to talk over breakfast the next day.


pillow talk


Make time for pillow talks

Pillow talks when you’re in a loving relationship are the absolute best. You shouldn’t think of dirty talks, though. Keep it very tender and soft. You can discuss a book you’ve just read, say how your day was and everything else you might think of. When you’re done, you can always fall asleep in one another’s loving arms.

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