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6 Most Romantic Towns

Sadly, Valentine’s Day is long over by now. Even so, this shouldn’t stop you from taking your lover by the hand and visiting a foreign city. We here at came across several romantic towns not everyone knows about. Discover these gems in the coming days, then book a flight to your favorite destination!

We have a total of 6 cities you should take your lover to. Walk hand in hand, admire the view and let love make your days the happiest ever!


Slovenia is a great destination for you and your lover. Especially if you’ve heard only amazing things about Lake Bled. This stunning work of art made by nature is best enjoyed if you’re on a boat. So take your lady on a ride down one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes and enjoy the breathtaking view! Be sure to visit the city’s Bled Island and its beautiful church. Eastloveswest is convinced you’ll love it.


Poland doesn’t only have Krakow and Warsaw to offer couples as a retreat. There’s also Toruń to fly to! This quiet little town is better suited for those who don’t like overcrowded places. There’s a lot of history to Toruń, which is why we recommends it to lovebirds who are into this subject. But not only history buffs are invited here. Everyone can come!


This beautiful Croatian city is a real gem for traveling couples. You won’t see any cars if you want to visit the Old City! Discover it by foot and admire everything it has to offer. You can taste some of their excellent wine, buy traditional embroidery and watch beautiful sunsets. Then come join us and feel free to share your adventure with other travel lovers!


Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. For a couple in love, it’s the perfect destination, especially in summer. There are many superb restaurants where you can enjoy a date and sample the local food. Hit the town when the lights are out! This city offers a great nightlife. Another thing to try while you’re there: visit Sognefjord and be amazed by this natural wonder. We simply can’t wait to hear your impressions!


Bruges looks just like the photos from a book of fairytales. It simply takes your breath away, be it summer or winter. This little town is considered one of Europe’s most romantic. Enjoy a picnic in one of its many parks, feed the friendliest swans ever and enjoy the gorgeous countryside. We at promise you won’t be disappointed!


Enjoy the beauty of this Italian wonder over a glass of delicious wine and fine food! Tuscany will amaze each and every one of your senses. Its gorgeous countryside can be explored by bicycle trips for two. Paintings from the Renaissance period can be admired in one of this city’s many art galleries. We definitely recommends this jewel!

Have you already picked your future destination?

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