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8 Creative Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is long gone, sadly. Even if it is, you should treat your lover as if every day is Heart Day! Want to impress her every step of the way, but you don’t know how? We have some ideas just for you here at

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or on the quirky side, we guarantee she’ll fall in love with you all over again. Sounds good? Here is what we came up with.

couple games

Have you never played truth or dare with your companion? What better time to do it than Valentine’s Day. You’ll even kill two birds with one stone: have great fun and learn more about each another at the same time!

extreme sports

Does your lady love extreme sports, just like you? Then the two of you can spend Valentine’s Day at one of the most popular places for bungee jumping and the like. We at definitely recommend these: Hell’s Gate in Tuscany, Italy, Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska and Ice Climbing World Cup in Kirov, Russia. Come back and share with us impressions from your date!

movie time

Some couples love to watch horror movies together. If you haven’t done it in a really long time, how about you do it on Heart Month? One of you rents a scary movie and the other makes some popcorn. In case you don’t know what movie to rent, we have a couple of suggestions for you: Audition, Excision and Funny Games.

cooking together

If you want something more romantic, we suggest taking each other on a date…at home. Instead of spending the day together at a fancy restaurant in the lovely sound of a violin, you can cook together your most favorite recipe. And you’ll be able to choose your own music. You can also place some scented candles on the table. When everything’s done, leave the world behind and let the conversation flow!

puppy love

Fluffy dogs and cuddly cats are waiting for you at various animal shelters. You can enjoy a date with your lover looking after these cuties! Besides, if you’ve never owned a pet, it’s a great way to find out if you’re good at it or not. We think you’ll have the best time ever!

beach couple

Do you remember how your first date went after you two met on our website? Every day is as good a time as any to recreate those first butterflies in your stomach. This will bring back such great memories that you’ll fall for one another once again. Be sure to include everything from that first encounter. Even the moment you spilled your drink out of shyness!

playful couple

Go back to childhood times by building a fort on the most romantic of months. For this, you’ll need some comfortable cushions from your couch, a couple of pillows and some blankets. Then start the construction of your love nest! We’re very curious to hear how it went, so leave a comment below!

party in dubai

Have you two ever wanted to visit a certain country? Book some plane tickets right now! Instead of Paris or London, we have a more exotic place in mind for couples. Dubai is an excellent destination for two lovebirds. There’s a lot to do and see there as a pair. If you love dolphins, try swimming with them as a couple!

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