Albania Is Waiting For You!

Southeastern Europe has a lot of wonderful countries to visit. Each of them has many natural wonders and great people to discover and meet.

Albania is one of these amazing places. Like every country in the region, every season finds its charm in this magical spot. That’s why you should take your lover on a walk in the old part of the city, eat tasty food and let yourselves be fascinated by everything!

green albania

Albanians are extremely expressive when it comes to body language. They are also a very enthusiastic people, so don’t be surprised if you warm up to them fast. They’ll grow on you just as easily! They love talking about any kind of subject, and they’ll be particularly interested in learning about your culture, while sharing the most interesting aspects of theirs. And you know what’s the best part of Albanian culture? Their cuisine! Borrowing from Greece, Turkey and Italy, Albanian cooking is one of the best mixes in Eastern Europe. Try some cold and refreshing Tarator soup, savory Dolma, Tave kosi or Byrek. Don’t forget some Kabuni for a truly traditional Albanian dessert. Toast to your amazing hosts with some raki or sweet Albanian wine!

Pictured is a gorgeous view of mountain lakes in Albania. Ready to plan your next holiday?

albania nightlife

Tirana (the capital of Albania), much like Paris, has an ever-increasing café culture, so you’ll never run out of spots to hang out in during the day. As for nightlife, its center lies around what the Albanians call Blloku (Eng. The Block). This is the perfect place to go bar hopping. Radio Bar is a great place to listen to good music and meet gorgeous girls. Students hang out there mostly. Lizard is the best choice for dancing, while Mumja has the sexiest ladies in town! Take a girl to Living Room, one of the classier hang-out in Tirana, and you’ll surely impress her! And why not meet that girl Eastloveswest.com?


albanian ladies

Are you a fan of foxy brunettes? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Albania is the home of some of the sexiest golden-skinned brunettes this side of Europe. Thin, with long legs and perfectly contoured faces, and roots in the Illyrian bloodline, these ladies are dark-haired Barbie dolls. Albanian women are natural beauties with small straight noses, almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. And they fill all these traits with their vivacious and seductive personality. You can’t help but get a little flustered around a gorgeous Albanian woman, so why not connect with one of these beauties on Eastloveswest.com?

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