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Cyprus Has It All!

Cyprus through the eyes of! Discover the island of Aphrodite with your soulmate and let it amaze you with everything it has to offer.

It starts warming up in Cyprus by the end of April, so plan to visit the island’s best beaches. And that’s not the only thing you can do in this amazing place!

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The beaches we mentioned above can be found on the Eastern side: Larnaca, Protaras, Pernera, Ayia Napa. If you’re in Nicosia, the country’s capital city, check out Sfinakia, a popular club perfect for drinking and dancing. You’ll also find a great cafes, discos and restaurants on Makarios Avenue. Hop on a bus for Limassol in the weekend if you’re looking for more Ibiza-like raves. In Cyprus, you’re only minutes away from a great party!

food from cyprus

Surrounded completely by water and right between Greece and Turkey, Cyprus has borrowed the most delicious ingredients from its neighbors. From fresh seafood like calamari and sea bass to flavored lasagna known as moussaka, typical for this side of Europe, you simply cannot say no to the local cuisine. Drink ayrani during the day to keep cool. It’s a very aromatic type of rose syrup/milk shake. Don’t forget to finish each day with a rich red wine since Cyprus’s wine production dates back for millennia. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘have a nice day’ in both Greek and Turkish and you’ll surely impress these very friendly people. Ready for some cultural immersion with a little help from

women from cyprus

Born and raised on an island, these gorgeous women were made for bikinis and the beach. They are gorgeous, thin, with curves in all the right places. Walking hand in hand with one of these beauties will make all the other people on the street extremely jealous of you! Living on an island also means that they love to party, so make the most of any kind of beautiful weather to take these lovely ladies to your favorite clubs! Surprise them with a cruise or a day on a yacht; add a bottle of champagne to the mix and you’ll win their hearts with how romantic everything will be.

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