Discover Amazing Belgium

Be it a honeymoon destination or simply a holiday option, Belgium has it all for couples. You can do all sorts of things there with the love of your life. The country is filled with lovely nature, fascinating museums and a whole list of other things to explore.

What are you waiting for, guys? Let Belgium amaze you from morning till night!


belgium by night

Whatever corner of Belgium you’re in, there’s surely a party there! From evening till morning, Belgium teaches you that skipping a good night’s sleep is sometimes totally worth it. You’ll find everything you’re looking for, whether it’s a jazz festival, nightclub, pubs, casinos or rock concerts. Eighty bars are waiting for you in Brussels, where you can try all the 400 types of beer Belgium has to offer. Some of Brussels’ best includes A La Mort Subite, a local favorite, Le Grand Mayeur, a nice bistro with Hungarian music, and Theatre Royal de Toone, a puppet theatre which opened in 1834 and that is now the town favorite hang-out place for beer. For the hipster trend, head over to Place St. Gery in the downtown area. It’s time to party in true Belgian fashion, so connect with some Belgian friends on!

beautiful belgian ladies

It can be easy to miss Belgium with such large neighbors as France and Germany, but this is definitely a country you shouldn’t miss out on, especially with their high quality of life. Before hanging out with Belgians, it’s important you read a bit about its history and culture. Because there’s such an incredible cultural diversity – influences coming from the Dutch, French and Germans – they’ll appreciate you knowing the differences, even if you can’t spot them the way a native would. Once you earn their trust and respect, it’s time to truly appreciate the finer things Belgium has to offer. Get ready for the best chocolate and waffles you’ve ever had!

handsome belgian guys

Belgian men have all the qualities of the region. Heavily influenced by France, Germany and the Netherlands, these guys have gotten their fair share of fashionable western values. Belgian men are all about their grooming. They always dress to impress and you’ll never see them with a messy stubble on their faces. And when you dress up, these guys will notice too. They have a keen eye when it comes to details, so your new outfit or haircut will never go unnoticed with a Belgian man! These guys are also super neat and hardworking. If you’re looking for passion, this isn’t necessarily the best place to start, but if you’re looking for true love and long-lasting relationships, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Welcome to Belgium!

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