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Europe’s Hidden Wonders: 9 Gorgeous Cities!

Everyone’s heard of or been to London, Paris, Amsterdam and many other famous places. Each of them has its own charm, there’s no doubt about it. But perhaps you want to go somewhere that’s not as popular, because you crave silence and peace. Or you love the thrill of discovering hidden spots no one’s been in.

We dug up and recently found some great unknown cities for you to visit this summer in Europe. You get Portugal, Italy and many others in-between. Look for plane tickets, accommodation and you’re good to go. Have fun with the one you love (or keep your eyes peeled and you may find your better half among the locals)!

porto santo

Porto Santo

As soon as you get there, take a look around. You’ll see one long beach (9 km of it) and an island connected to it. Walk along it and you’ll discover just how soft the white sand is. There aren’t many hotels around, but those that are are all amazing. If you’re looking for a place where you can forget all about your backaches, headaches and other ills, come here. The island’s volcanic sands even have curative powers! Porto Santo sits northeast of the Madeira Island in the North Atlantic Ocean. In the west you have Africa.



This second unknown European destination is situated in Málaga, Spain. What makes it fascinating is the fact that it sits on either side of a gorge. Which is over 150 m deep and very narrow. The city has a rich history, with Arabs, Romans, Phoenicians and Celts living there for a while. Its oldest quarter in particular will make you think of the Arab era. But there’s also a modern part of Ronda. This one dates from the 16th century. The old part is to the south, while the younger area sits to the north of the city’s most important river, called Guadalevín. Each areas are equally breathtaking to explore!



Switzerland has a lot of very beautiful cities. Lugano is one of them. It is situated in the south of Switzerland, more specifically in the canton of Ticino. Which is at the border with Italy. All of this makes the city a real melting pot, the perfect place to discover many interesting cultures. Sample the food, walk around and breathe in the fresh air. The unspoiled nature will certainly leave its mark on your soul, just like the nature in the previous two cities will certainly do. Take a tour of Lugano’s villas and parks and you’ll never want to leave. There are plenty of Mediterranean buildings with sacred status, so make sure you discover them, too.



This beautiful location is a coastal town in Montenegro. It’s one of the best when it comes to being isolated from the rest of the world. So, if you’re a private person, put it on your list. Kotor is one of the oldest towns in Europe and it’s situated on a mountain called Lovcen. The Mediterranean has many well-preserved parts; Kotor is one of them. It is also characterized by many traditions which are even now respected by the locals.



You’ll need some nerves of steel to visit this location. For one, its name is taken from Greek and it means “in the heavens above” (or “middle of the sky”). And yes, if it reminds you of “meteorite”, you are right. The two words are related to one another! But what exactly is Meteora? It’s one of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries Greece has ever had. Mount Athos still reigns supreme, though. But Meteora is equally beautiful and worthy of a visit once in your life. There are 6 monasteries in total. Each of them stands on natural sandstone rock pillars. The Unesco World Heritage have included this natural wonder in their list.

the cinque terre

The Cinque Terre

Time for another hidden gem that’s incredibly well-preserved: the Cinque Terre. The town also belongs to the Mediterranean and you won’t see many big roadways ruining it. Excessive housing developments are also less scarce than in other, more popular areas. Viticulture is a major focus in the Cinque Terre and it’s something which has given the place its iconic look. The sea surrounding the city is of the clearest blue. Its very well-organized network of paths makes it a real delight to go around and explore.



Norway is well-known for having some of the most astounding cities in the world. Many foreign tourists come here to enjoy their holidays. One of their favorite destinations is the district and archipelago of Lofoten. Even if it’s lying very close to the Arctic Circle, Lofoten’s temperatures in winter are some of the mildest in this part of Europe. That’s because of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Current and the Norwegian Current, the gulf’s most important extensions. So even if you go here, you won’t freeze!



We bet you’ve never ever heard of this place. How could you, when it’s one of the most secluded destinations on the old continent? This gem calls Portugal its home and is located between the sea and some really amazing mountains. Rich in history, Sintra offers plenty of cultural reasons to stay and visit. The gorgeous nature you’ll bump into at every step of the way is another reason to spend the time here. The food is also some of the most delicious you have ever or will ever taste in your life. A capital of Romanticism, the town was home to many famous writers during the 18th and 19th centuries. Their lovely works of art were all born here. Yet more reason to visit this magnificent jewel of a city!



Our last tip for you is Trieste. This one is more popular among tourists, and that’s because it comes at you with many attractive things. Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city is a great place to enjoy music and literature if you’re into these things. The architecture is grandiose and the little streets are a dream to explore.

Ready for summer? Give one of these towns a visit!

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