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Georgia On My Mind

Eastloveswest.com is taking a turn back to the beauties of the East. This time it’s beautiful Georgia!

With about half of the population of Georgia living in its capital, Tbilisi, this is the town to visit for the best nightlife. Go to the the old town for awesome cafes.

beautiful georgia

You can find them on Sharden and Erekle street. For dancing and drinking, go to some of the most insane nightclubs this side of the Caucasus! You’ll have the time of your life in Switch, NightClub or Kalakuri, dancing with the hottest girls in Georgia. Don’t miss out on a great restaurant while you’re in Tbilisi either. You’ll find the best khinkaly is served in Tsiskvili’s Ludis Moedani!

yummy georgian food

Georgians are extremely friendly and they love guests, so if you meet and befriend a Georgian onhttp://eastloveswest.com/, expect to get an invitation for a visit! Foreigners are especially welcome as Georgians are always eager to introduce newcomers to their beautiful country! Shake hands with the men and kiss the ladies once on the left cheek. Get acquainted with the local cuisine while in Georgia. You won’t regret it! Try some Kharcho soup, Khinkaly dumplings and for dessert delicious Churchkhela (pictured) made from grape must and nuts. If you love a good wine, Georgia is a great place to put your wine-tasting abilities to the test. Their grape varieties date back thousands of years. They even have a grape brandy called Chacha that is bound to get any party started!

georgian women

Georgian women on Eastloveswest.com are absolutely stunning in every single way. Beautiful exterior and with a beautiful personality, Georgian women are a pleasure to have around. They are tall, thin, with fair skin and they know how to dress in order to showcase their best features. Georgian women are also extremely friendly and value their social circle above all else, so they love going out and partying or having a romantic discussion over a glass of red wine. These beauties are passionate and fiery and love to be adored. Treat them well and they’ll make you feel like a king!

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