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Best Ways To Find A Good Match

Online dating sites and apps are praised for the wide amount of information they display. Just by spending a few minutes browsing a person’s profile, we are likely to find out not only how they look like, but also their age, occupation, hobbies, and a lot of life-style information. Among these, there is one famous dating app that offers very little space for personal info about its users. That is, of course, Tinder, with its sometimes infamous scarce room for personal info.

As a matter of fact, the only information Tinder users are revealed about the others is photos, age, and general area of residence. This leaves it up to users to get to know each other better via chat, and go as they please about dating face to face or not. While Tinder has been often criticized for being a mere hookup app, there is some evidence showing that, in fact, knowing a lot of personal information about a potential love partner doesn’t improve the chances of a successful relationship.

As it seems, it’s not only online dating apps that allow people to choose partners based on looks alone. Face to face hookups, as we know them are following the very same basic rules. Everybody and their mother – that is, both men, and women – are deciding if someone is interesting for them romantically in no more than 1/10 of a second. That would be the swipe of the screen, right? Physically beautiful persons are widely perceived as having other qualities as well, so from noticing someone in a crowd to figuring out whether they’re hot or not is literally just a matter of seconds.

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Making a partner choice by a mere screen swipe isn’t, in fact, a more shallow way of going after or dismissing a partner than it is with face-to-face hookups. Before jumping to the rushed conclusion that we are all shallow for first judging a potential partner by their looks, it’s good to mention that this method has its advantages. Or, to be more exact, knowing too much about a potential partner before hooking up can be more harming at times.

The reason why sometimes apps that encourage hooking up based on no more than looks can be better than those who find so-called “perfect matches” is simple: the latter create more expectations. When going to a date with someone we think is very close to our ideal and discover that there is no sparkle, everyone ends up disappointed. On the other hand, those who got to hook up based on looks alone go to dates with few expectations, and chances are they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find great company too.

To wrap up, if you’re looking for a fun time, don’t dismiss simple apps or websites that reveal few details about your potential dates. Love and attraction can happen without us trying to control the outcomes. Romance is best served spontaneously. So go ahead and pick the guy or girl you find most attractive and who knows, maybe you’ll find a flaming love.

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