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Why You May Want An Imaginary Lover Now

Imaginary friends and, even worse, made-up boyfriends or girlfriends were stuff of universal mockery in your early years, maybe – a sure way to get yourself bullied by your schoolmates.

What if we told you make-believe relationships are now a great commodity that those bullies from high school may be willing to pay for now? We’re not talking about paying for an actual relationship, but about an app that will create a believable partner for you to show your family when they get a bit too inquisitive.

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When will you bring home a nice boy? What happened with Jenny, she was such a nice girl for you? When will you settle down? These questions may be all too familiar for so many unmarried people. So this app from Invisible Industries is a lifeline for those not wanting or not having time for a committed relationship. There are two variations of the app, Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend.

Each allows you to create an imaginary partner from scratch: give them an appearance from the large selfies database sent by actual people for that purpose, tailor their personality traits, and then be able to send messages to each other. And it’s not bots that will interact with you, but people who make sure to engage in conversation over messages just like a real boyfriend or girlfriend would.

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With all these going on for you, your worried family or match-making friends will finally be able to relax that you’re well set with a significant other. Is this deception too much? Maybe you will feel very uncomfortable to lie to your family and/or friends, but at the same time it is a perfect example of a white lie, aka a lie that does no harm to anyone involved. Aside from not hurting anybody, it has the benefit of allowing you to properly enjoy a family reunion or a party with friends without constantly being pestered about your love life or lack thereof.

There is one final pressing matter left to go through: do Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend serve as dating apps in case you become actually interested in the person you exchange messages with? The answer is simple: no. Didn’t we already establish you weren’t ready for a relationship just yet?

fake girlfriend app


Jokes aside, thread with care with your make-believe partner, because they aren’t meant to meet you in real life, neither to become your dirty pen pals. The only function of this app is to liberate you from any pressure coming from your family or friends. No biggie though, go on another dating site whenever you decide to find a partner, for there are hundreds of apps and online communities for that, EastLovesWest graciously included.

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