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Love At Rare Sight? How Long Distance Relationships Work

In this day and age almost everyone can enjoy the advantages of being able to travel and live almost anywhere in virtually no time, and with relatively small costs. Cupid made a long due update for his arrows too, so now he’s marching girls and guys from all across the world. But when guy and girl move to separate countries after their relationship had already gone steady, the situation has “trouble” spelled all over it.

There’s no wicked god of long distance relationships who can knit solid threads between you love birds. Luckily enough though, there are plenty of apps for that. There are also many benefits of being in a long distance relationship, which indeed may not seem so obvious when longing for your sweetheart, but that are guaranteed to pay out on the long run. We are not just saying this – some serious researcher at The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships (we are not making that up[1]) can confirm. So let’s talk about long distance couples and how their relationships work and prosper.

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You’re not alone in this

Right, you have your partner for a much needed support and you’re there for him too, but we mean this in the wider sense here. The numbers prove a lot of long distance relationships work out great. In the U.S. there are 14 million couples in long distance relationships. Less than a third of these are married couples, which comes to show it’s not the formal bonds that keep people together, but love and quite some degree of determination. Moreover, 3 out of 4 engaged couples in the U.S. said they have been dating long distance at some point in their relationship.

Long distance love gets a bad rap in all sort of places over the Internet. Lots of folks mourn the decay of these relationships way before giving them a chance, hence breaking up becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But trust that for every couple that gave up trying to make their long distance relationship work, there is at least another one that succeeded. And there are a whole lot of things couples can do to keep the sparkle alive.

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Enjoy the adventure

No need to dwell much on how the story starts: boy meets girl, they fall in love, and then one of them has to move to a different place, miles and miles away. They worry about lack of intimacy, they worry about being cheated on, and they fret about not making it. It’s only fair, long distance relationships take a greater amount of work, but they also come with a bunch of amazing perks. For one, long distance couples get the chance to experience living together in a foreign place, even if just for a little bit now and then. If you’ve ever met with this situation, you must know how exciting it can get to explore the new place where your partner moved to. New bars and restaurants, great sightseeing trips, and bonus if you’re adventurous – sex in cool new places. That is something most couples don’t get to experience, and this high alone can make the wait worthwhile.

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Install some apps

It’s not the era of the snail mail anymore, thank goodness. Couples who chose to go long distance are constantly in touch on chat apps on their computers, phones, and tablets. The options are countless, and unless your partner is in an extremely secluded place in the world, you have the oportunity to text and video chat at hand. If you’re up for other couple-y activities, there are multiple options in that department too. For example, you can look up a few apps and websites that allow you and your partner to watch movies together, which come with the fabulous perk that this way you’ll have the whole bag of chips all for yourself. Those of you in long term relationships sure know what we’re talking about.

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Order all the toys

Sexual intimacy is key to keeping a couple happy and going strong, especially in the case of long distance relationships. It’s true that even with a lot of last generation gadgets and apps, couples miss physical intimacy very much. That is indeed harsh, and takes a lot of imagination to compensate for lack of a hug and sex. About that though, science is on your side. Run a quick search online if you haven’t already and you’re guaranteed to find more than one type of toys that will put you in touch with your partner more than video calls can. Some wirelessly controlled toys will allow partners to sync so that they have control over the other’s device. Save your romantic play for your lover’s next visit, and in the meantime get on with dirty talk and mind-blowing toys – that’s another thrill couples that live together won’t get to experience that easily.

Take advantage of being on your own

Some of the worst things that could happen to a couple – even worse than break-up we’d say – is for the lovers to become completely dependent on each other. We all know that guy who never goes out without his girlfriend, or that girl who only does what her partner is also doing. That sucks for whomever is part of their circle of friends, but it sucks the most for them. No one can live with a clingy partner until the end of days.

On the long run, co-dependence is something that will cause a couple to break much more than living apart will. The effects of breaking up with a partner whom you’ve shared everything with are also exponentially more devastating than in the other scenario, where partners have learned to be autonomous. Having a life outside of the couple activities is vital for anyone’s well-being as well as for the success of a relationship. And if it isn’t for long distance relationships to teach one how to be independent we don’t know what will.

[1] According to data on http://www.longdistancerelationshipstatistics.com/

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