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Meet Our Happy Couples Part 1!

Eastloveswest.com is the place where a lot of people have met their current lover or husband/wife. You are invited to make a free account and meet so many interesting new people!

We have a lot of successful stories from our happy couples. Want to hear all about how they met and what their first dates were? Here we go!

happy couples

David from the UK told us his story and we thought it was the perfect thing to share with you today. „I don’t even remember how we started talking. We exchanged some casual flirty replies, but at some point it just turned into one of those conversations that you hope will never end, you know the kind? The next day, I just couldn’t wait to get back home from work, so that I could talk with Adela again. One thing led to another and we met. And then we met again. We introduced each other to one another’s country and eventually fell in love. It didn’t feel like lightning. It felt like we grew into the couple we are today, although it only took a year to get to where we are now – happily engaged and living together in my hometown.”

happy love

Roland from Finland found his ideal partner with us. You could too! All you have to do is try. “I fell in love with Romania twice. The first time when I was 10 and was a big fan of Dracula, the second time last year when I met my Paula on Eastloveswest. Of course, she dismissed me at first because my little knowledge of Romania and its vampires didn’t impress her, lol :)). But eventually she thought I was funny enough (or maybe insistent enough??). I visited her in Bucharest a couple of months after we first started chatting and she surprised me by taking me by train to visit Dracula’s castle! I knew right then and there that this girl was perfect for me! We’ve been together ever since.”


Sebastian from Germany found his match on our website! Are you ready to write your own successful love story? “Me and some friends joined Eastloveswest one night as a joke. Meeting new people just gets hard after a certain age, you know, and we thought we’d give online dating a try? But we joked about it, about meeting some Russian babes who look like supermodels. We didn’t really take it seriously. And then I chatted with Olga, who, although Ukrainian and not Russian, looks exactly like a supermodel! I’m blessed to have her in my life now. We’ve been dating for 8 months and although this long distance thing is difficult, I couldn’t be happier! You’re making dreams come true, Eastloveswest!”

paris couple

Stefan from Germany found love unexpectedly with us. You could, too! “I can’t say that I’m a big fan of online dating, but I know for a fact that it works. I just never thought it would work this well before I joined Eastloveswest. I flirted with a couple of women, even visited and met two of them, but neither of them worked out. I’d be lying if I said I thought about giving up, but I was really sick and tired of it all. I started talking to Laura then. Although beautiful, I didn’t find her that attractive. I was never big on redheads. Well, in a couple of weeks she made me fall head over heels for her. She’s amazing!”

happy love

Brandon from the USA found his better half on our site. Read his story, then join us and make your own dreams come true! “I’ve always travelled a lot, being an army man and all, and maintaining a relationship here has always been impossible. I didn’t really think online dating would work for me either, but I’ll try anything once, you know? I talked with a bunch of girls at first, but no one caught my eye like Kati did. She really got me and my lifestyle and is so supportive and loving. She visited me last Christmas, and my family is absolutely in love with her! Can’t wait until we have our white picket fence. Soon! ”


Benedikt from Norway didn’t have that much luck with online dating at the beginning, but in just two months he met Lucia on our website and began his love story! “A friend of mine actually told me about Eastloveswest, about how gorgeous, open and fun the girls are here. I was surprised to find out that he wasn’t exaggerating at all! The girls here were all that and more, but my darling stood out quickly from the rest. I met Lucia in about two months, but it felt like we knew each other since for ever. She was just so warm and loving from the very start. We couldn’t be happier. We want the same things in life. Thank you for making this happen, Eastloveswest!”

happy couples

Otto from Finland met his lovely girlfriend on http://eastloveswest.com/. Who knew it would be the start of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship? “The company I work for would always send me to delegations to Poland. Sometimes I’d even spend months in Warsaw. It got really lonely, so when I came across Eastloveswest I thought that maybe this would be my chance. I didn’t find Malina that fast, but truth is, deep down, I wasn’t really expecting to find anyone at all. But there she was, blonde, blue-eyed, intelligent. What more could you ask for? We’ve been together for several months now, and she loves travelling to Finland with me. It’s also great when we come back to Poland for my work. We’re never too far from each other’s families. Thanks for showing us how insignificant distance really is!”


Kristoffer from Denmark met the love of his life on http://eastloveswest.com/. Read his story! “I didn’t really think that I’d start anything serious on Eastloveswest. I just liked talking to girls from all over the world, and I eventually became really good friends with Silvija. It never felt like we were dating, everything was just so natural. At some point, we both realized we were in love with each other and we just couldn’t live apart anymore. She moved in with me in Denmark and is now going to the University here. We just can’t believe that we would have never met if it weren’t for Eastloveswest. It would’ve been such a loss. Thanks for making this happen!”

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