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Why Sleeping Naked Is Gaining Popularity

Longer and colder nights call for adding an item or two to our regular nightgowns. Only that happens less than one would presume. According to several polls from Europe and the United States, more and more people are admitting to sleeping naked, or in very light outfits.

If you are feeling particularly sleepy and think an article about what people wear to bed will be the final drop before you dozing off, you couldn’t be more wrong. That is because organizations such as The Sleep Foundation and other places funny like that are working day and night to provide amazing insights about sleep lifestyles if we may say so. Check out these fun facts and find out if your bed habits are different from the average.

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In 2004, according to a poll made by ABC, about 1 in 5 Americans said to be sleeping naked, and a little less than that, 16% in underwear. A more recent survey, from 2012, shows that only 1 in 10 Americans sleep naked, unlike their more blunt British counterparts, where 1 in 3 people said to be sleeping with nothing on.

Note that these are self-reported numbers, which means that those who answered the questions might have understated their sleeping habits a little bit. What we’re saying is that the number of those who dropped their panties for bedtime may actually be a little higher.

 woman sleeping naked

If that is true, someone should start advocating for more naked sleeping and for sleeping in undies, as it is not only more comfortable, but also healthier. Data from similar studies suggests that pajamas are being worn for much longer than regular clothes, which isn’t a terrible health hazard, but that dead skin amassing the fabric of your cotton pants and top isn’t healthy either. With some risk of getting a mild skin condition such as infections of sorts, we’re saying you should feel confident to leave your pajama set aside when getting into bed.

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More than being healthy and comfortable to sleep with no restrictions from fabrics, opting to sleep in your undies or naked even, will always be nice for your girlfriend or boyfriend. If hot outfits are great to spice up your romantic life, they usually require quite a lot of work. For most part of our nights, it simply feels better to get rid of clothes, get into bed, and into action. It is practical and at the same time it feels fantastic for both you and your lover.

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