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Travel To The UK!

Visit fascinating UK with a little help from! Despite everybody calming down at five o’clock with a spot of tea, the sunset actually brings out something completely different in the English people: a crazy party spirit like no other! London puts up a wild club scene. Visit Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Heaven for the wildest parties.

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If, however, you want to start with something a little bit more down to Earth, then you’re in luck. Some of the coolest DJ experiences are waiting for you in more intimate settings, but wherever you decide to go, you’ll be partying from dusk till dawn, trust us!

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Elegant and charming, and with some of the most attractive accents to have ever spoken the English language, the men from the UK are true gentlemen. Always dressed to impress, they stand out in any crowd or gathering, including on our site. You might think of stuffy libraries and five o’clock tea when you think about England initially, but these gents are just as sporty as the next country. Whether rugby or soccer, you’ll always find English men on some sort of court or another having fun and making the most of the beautiful weather (it’s so rare in England). Ready to meet your English gentleman on

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Tea, fish and chips, crumpets, double deckers, phone booths – England is such a beautiful and quirky place, and has its culture already embedded in our systems. We kind of know what to expect from England – an odd taste for food, tartan patterns and rainy weather -, but there’s actually so much more to this country and its long history. Expect to find great pubs in the UK, boisterous but fun people, who you can meet on, and one of the greatest music scenes the world has ever known in all music genres. Whatever problems you encounter throughout the day, just remember what the English say: Keep calm and carry on!

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