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You thought we were done with all the awesome countries we have on our site? Not even close! Today it’s all about Kosovo at Eastloveswest.com!

When you think of Kosovo, you might not associate it with partying. Well, you should! Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, is the newest party hub in Europe! The youth community is extremely large with a lot of internationals working in NGO’s or embassies. You’ll quickly find yourself in expat heaven here!

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The drinks are also cheap, with a beer costing under 2 euro. Start your night off in Shualla Bar or Tingle Tangle, moving to Crème de la Crème, or Shalter if you’re looking for a lively party after 3 am. Expect to meet artists, local musicians and gorgeous girls. Pristina will make you forget Ibiza!

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Kosovo achieved independence from Serbia in 1999, and with such a recent and debatable political shift, you can safely assume that it represents one of the most important topics of discussion in the country. Tread lightly with this subject, and don’t enter into controversies. A political discussion could easily go astray. Once you pass this barrier, however, you’ll find that Kosovars are an extremely friendly people, eager to show you the best their culture has to offer. Don’t leave without trying the local cuisine. Try some Somun bread, stuffed peppers and sarma, and don’t forget to toast with some grape rakija!

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Kosovar women from Eastloveswest.com are absolutely fierce. They had to be considering all the political struggles their country had to endure. So if you’re looking for strong, independent women, Kosovo is where you should take your searches. Getting into these women’s hearts might seem like a struggle at first, but enjoy the chase while it lasts. Once you earn their affection, it’ll be the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. Not only independent, but stylish and beautiful, Kosovar women will constantly surprise you. They’re head-turners!

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