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4 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Even for those with intense lives in the bedroom, there are at least a couple of scenarios they would want to put into practice and haven’t yet. Of course, we’re talking about sexual fantasies, which occasionally almost everyone likes to think about.

Although psychologists are still debating on how our subconscious creates fantasies, one thing is clear: sexual fantasies are common among all genders, ages, and relationship statuses. While there is a vast wealth of arousing scenarios that people created in their minds, there are a handful of fantasies that seem to pervade. We made a short and delightful list for your inspiration. 

 dominance sex fantasies

1. Sex with a stranger

Having a one-night stand with someone barely known is perhaps all the more alluring as it both has an aura of danger and of availability to it. Sex with a stranger can be risky, but at the same time hooking up with someone at the bar or on an online dating site is quite an easily available option. There is something to the spontaneity of having a no-strings-attached encounter that makes it one of the widely popular naughty dreams.

 threesome fantasy

2. Threesomes

Men and women alike, involved or single, often fantasize about having a threesome, either as an addition to a couple, or together with their partner and a plus-one. Threesomes leave room for a whole range of scenarios. The first reason why threesomes are in so many wild dreams, is that it allows couples to enjoy an always welcome exploration in the bedroom. Bonus points for getting a bit naughty with a new person plus your own significant other.

 strangers sex fantasies

3. Role play

If you’re dreaming about going for a hot role-playing session, the options are practically limitless. In practice, not just in fantasy, role-play is the go-to thing for couples who want to spice up their lives. Most people have a soft spot for fantasies involving domination, either being the position of control, or being the submissive part. A common fantasy among men and women is to have a highly passionate lover that can take the lead in bed and build up to an incredibly intensive session under the sheets.

 sex in public

4. Sex in a public space

Since going at it tends to be viewed as essentially a private experience between two consenting adults, it’s understandable that stumbling into other people’s hot action is not met with enthusiasm by accidental by-standers. The comfort of privacy is one of the main reasons why sex is widely confined to the bedroom (kitchen, shower, you get the drift). And perhaps precisely because most people get hot and sweaty almost exclusively at home, so many of us began day-dreaming about doing it in public.

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