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Romance And Average-Looking People

Were you under the impression that handsome men and gorgeous women are getting all the heat in the bedroom? Think again. A Chapman University study revealed that there are quite a few interesting aspects to the sex life of an average-looking person. Especially in online communities, rating someone’s probability to score in the sack based on looks is especially prevalent.

One of the best examples that comes to mind is a half tongue-in-cheek, half serious type of comment that goes on Reddit for instance, reading “x out of 10” in relation to someone’s appearance. The rating is followed by the assessment of whether that person is worth taking to bed or not.

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But this kind of harshness and bravery doesn’t reflect in the number of partners average-looking people actually have. Hear out some of the perks that people who have average appearances get to enjoy in their love lives with as many or more partners than those perceived as drop-dead gorgeous.

The first good news is that height doesn’t make much of a difference. Taller men aren’t more successful in the sack than shorter guys, with the exception of those defined as very short – five-two to five-four. Women score comparable numbers of partners regarding of their height.

Weight doesn’t influence much the number of one’s romantic partners either. We could go on and on about weight standards across cultures, for they vary widely. And as this study suggests, a few extra pounds don’t reduce one’s chance of having as many partners as the traditionally good looking people.

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What’s more, the researchers at Chapman University discovered that skinny people reported a lower number of partners than those overweight. Their explanations were that skinny people may have to cope with health-related issues associated with weight gain, but that just doesn’t sound very plausible.

The reasons why people have more or less partners may be of a more behavioral nature. For instance, these researchers stipulate that traditionally attractive people may be more selective with regard to whom they go to bed with. This also seems to disregard the fact that selective or not, different people have different levels of desires, so perhaps even those very selective may experiment with diverse partners.

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Bottom line, the reasons why some people opt or get to have a certain number of partners is not so relevant. A much more noteworthy piece of thought to take home is that we shouldn’t worry so much about fitting in the traditional beauty standards. If people who vary greatly in physical appearance are successful in attracting partners, then probably features such as weight and height aren’t decisive for the success in love. Interesting people are the most attractive, and that doesn’t come down to looks only, but to body language, confidence, intelligence, and many others.

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