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A Kinky Spin To Online Dating: Pen Pals

A letters exchange may not be on the top of the list that come to mind when we think of online dating, but that doesn’t mean there is no worth to it. As a matter of fact, having a pen pal can be a lot of fun.

We found an online community dedicated to people who are looking for a partner for dirty text exchanges. If you have a Reddit account and a way with words you can join it too, just be prepared to play naughty.

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Finding A Dirty Pen Pal

To take part in the community and find your own dirty pen pal you must be 18 or older, and post or reply to posts with sexually explicit content. The etiquette is pretty strict in order to ensure a climate of politeness and respect for all members, so make sure you went through their requirements listed on the right bar.

Once you learned the basic rules, you can start looking for a perfect partner whose dirty fantasies are matching yours. You can go wild together, and once getting to know each other a little better through messages you may upgrade to exchanging emails, photos, phone talks and if both of you are interested in that, even meet in person.

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Write Your Dirty Story

Marked with [Share] you can find a few posts about what could be called successful stories. But the term doesn’t do justice to just how hot these exchanges are. If you have a slightly voyeuristic side (like we did) or simply out of curiosity, you can take a peek into how some relationships between members of DirtyPenPals evolved.

That’s right, you can read every exchange two people had throughout their entire online dating experience if you don’t mind us calling so. This means you get access to a LOT of really dirty material. Use it for your own enjoyment or let it inspire you in your sexting adventures.

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Play It Forward

Dirty chat can be just the sparkle you need to start a delicious love affair. The temptation is certainly there, since it’s not every day that you can find someone to easily open up to about your most intimate naughty fantasies.

But sharing your fetishes is not limited to this online community, DirtyPenPals being just one of the online places that accommodates kinky conversations. You can find a partner to play with words with on any other online community, provided that you first make sure they’re up for it as well. That’s the fun with online dating, there is always a great playmate online to get naughty with.

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