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How Much Personal Info Should You Share With Online Dates?

We just recently went through the topic of scams in the online dating universe, so this may be a good time to talk about privacy. Say you met a great guy or girl that you’ve been chatting up for a while now. Things start moving forward and you start talking about finding a way to keep in touch at any point of the day. You share phone numbers, which allows you not only to constantly chat, but also to hear each other’s voices.

Feeling sparkles again is wonderful, as it should, but don’t lose your head in the process. A survey from Bandwith shows that people who use online dating services are growing more reluctant towards sharing their phone number, and here is why you should care about it.

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While almost 80% of online daters stated that they feel that a stronger connection is formed when talking on the phone rather than by email, only a small portion of these are actually giving out their phone numbers. To be more exact, 85% of the online daters surveyed said they never or rarely gave their number to someone they met on a dating site.

This kind of privacy protection is necessary with people whose backgrounds you don’t know much about, because it may later save you from the person becoming too pushy, or even from scammers. A phone number can be a window into your personal space. In case your online dating partner turns out to not be to your liking, you want to be able to end things in your own terms, instead of dealing with their insistence. Similarly, in case you had the bad luck to encounter a spammer, it’s undisputedly better for them not to have any access to your personal info.

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What’s the solution?

For the many people who actually manage to find love on an online dating site, there are ways to strengthen your connection with the loved one, while also keeping your identity safe until you get to know each other better.

The easiest way is to use a phone number exclusively for your online dating partners. It can be a prepaid card or it can be a mobile app that generates a provisory phone number on your phone. The apps are great for they save you the hassle of having to carry around two phones with you, or to deal with two sim cards. However, before installing one such app make sure you look through the reviews and get info about other users’ experience with it.

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Your phone number is a very personal item, although maybe you don’t always think about it this way. It’s most likely one of your main links with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Just imagine losing all your contacts for some reasons, and you’ll figure out how much each of us relies on a phone number for our day to day business. Treat it with the caution it deserves, so you can enjoy your online dating adventures to the fullest.

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