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5 Tips To Prevent A Bad First Date

First dates, oh, those are quite some roller-coasters. On the one hand, there are the butterflies in our stomach, all the anticipation and preparation for the big day. On the other hand, there’s the anxiety and the lingering doubts: what if he/she is nothing of how I thought he/she would be?

In this sense first dates with people met online are unpredictable. And to varying extent, we all hate not having control over the outcomes of a situation. In spite of the huge amount of advice you probably gathered so far anyway, here are a few tips we wish we knew of before going to a series of bad first dates.

 first date public safe

  1. Choose the spot wisely

Even if you’ve been talking with your online crush for several weeks already, it’s always a better idea to choose a public place for your first date. Maybe you already know a lot of info about your date, but think about it as a smart precaution just in case the date doesn’t go that well. Better safe than sorry.

 first date safety tips

  1. Be cautious with your personal information

We have been discussing the importance of safety and privacy in online dating lately. It goes without saying that safety is a priority when you get to the point of setting a first date. Be economical with giving out a lot of personal info, starting with your main phone number, and especially your home address. Let a little while pass until you get a better glimpse into your date’s personality and lifestyle before you entrust them with personal info.

 first date contact

  1. Tell someone close where you will be

Maybe you set a dinner date at a nice restaurant or agreed to meet your online crush at a crowded bar. These are great places to get to know each other and where you have plenty of time to figure out if you and your date are clicking. Your date is most likely not an abusive maniac, but it never hurts to have a person who knows where you two are and who can check in on you occasionally.

first date gone boring

  1. Be honest if you don’t want to continue the date

You made sure everything is set out perfectly: great location, amazing wine, fantastic atmosphere. But one thing is absolutely out of control, and that is the chemistry between you and your date. If it isn’t there, it just isn’t there and instead of bearing through a boring or awkward conversation, you may choose to leave. Don’t be shy to cut it short if that’s what you feel like doing, but remember to be considerate enough not to hurt their feelings.

 stay safe first date

  1. Don’t forget to have fun

Although all these guidelines may sound ominous, remember that they are not meant to portray your date as a derelict. Statistically, very few people in the online dating world turn out to be ill-intentioned. While your safety is a priority, meaning that all these basic tips are important to that purpose, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to have fun. With all these safety measures covered, go with an open mind and enjoy the company of what could become your long term partner.

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