From Russia With Love

What do lively Russians on do for fun besides ice skating? A range of amusements – from wild night clubs to sophisticated bars, sexy ‘White Nights’ to vodka-fueled winter fests and lively street performances.

Russia is one of the most complex countries. Located on two different continents, it has plenty to offer. Just take a look below and you’ll see for yourselves!


Get ready for the glitz and glam of famous Moscow’s ‘Soho rooms’ and Strelka river night clubs, St. Petersburg’s urban hot spots and wild live music, or Novosibirsk ethnic beats. Definitely go wild with the dancing dolls, and brush up on your Russian to enjoy the coolest benefits.

russian food

Russians are very expressive people. Handshakes, hugs, backslapping, or kisses on the cheeks will make you feel at home. If offered food, you’ll get more than you can eat. Accept, always. Taste the fantastic national dishes like shchi, Kulebyaka, blini, smetana, kasha, borsch… Make sure you leave some food on your plate to compliment your hosts, but not without ‘Spasibo’. Unless you have a very good excuse, never refuse a drink. Take a shot of vodka or samogon. Do not toast with ‘Na zdorovie!’. Go with ‘Za Vas!’, and later ‘Choot-Choot’ to see what happens. Ready to meet your new Russian friends on!

russian beauty

Have you ever dreamed about bright natural beauty and a loving personality? Perfectly defined cheekbones, full lips and pearl light skin? If yes, go for your dreams with your Russian ladies on our website. A blend of the sexiest pear-shaped figure and ‘Russian gentleness’ is something you must not miss. Famous Russian beauty is one of a quick mind, lively spirit and surprising ‘wow factor’. Tempting, isn’t it? Fabulous mix of genes and colorful lifestyles, with overall kindness on top of it for true gentlemen only. Simply astonishing!

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