Russia Travel Guide – Gifts wants you to know how to behave and impress your Russian friends or lover when you’re in Russia. Particularly if you haven’t visited the country before. We’ve already told you some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to etiquette.

Today we’ll teach you what not to buy when you want to visit your Russian girlfriend for the first time. Make sure you take a look at our list to avoid a disastrous first date face-to-face!

Skydiving gift certificates

It’s quite random, but men seem to think that their lady friends would love to receive these. Truth of the matter is, 41% of them wouldn’t. And that’s according to a very recent study. 

Sex toys

Another no-no for 48% of Russian ladies. That’s because they aren’t turned on by men who have sex constantly on their mind. Russian women also consider sex shops and the toys sold there really offensive. They’re also seen as vulgar objects. 

Household appliances and kitchenware

For 18% of Russian women, these gifts are yet another bad idea as a present. Avoid them as quickly as possible if you want to be accepted by your future wife. She will definitely not like your pans, pots or lamp. 


Souvenirs are also perceived as disastrous ideas for a present to a loved one. Particularly if she’s a woman you want to marry one day. The souvenirs can be anything, from tourist figurines to random postcards and so on. Russian ladies will find them very tacky and completely unoriginal. 

Gym membership

This is another example of a bad gift idea with 12% of the women in Russia. It sends the message that they need to go to the gym because they’re not in shape. If you give your lover this sort of present, you’ll lose major points in her book. 

Cheap jewelry

By far the worst idea of a gift is cheap jewelry. 58% would be absolutely against having you as their boyfriend if this present were involved. If you do want to offer rings, necklaces and so on, make sure they’re expensive and very well-made. 

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