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Sexy Holiday Affairs

It’s the peak of the holiday season, which means that most of you guys and girls around here are in full-blown packing mode, collecting everything you need for a vacation. Don’t forget to include some protection in your luggage this summer. And we don’t mean just UV protection, we figure sunscreen is already at the top of your list. It’s condoms that you should remember to throw in your bag, because sightseeing and swimming shouldn’t be the only physical activity you get to do these days.

Illicit Encounters, a UK-focused website for extra-marital affairs recently ran survey on 1000 of its members, aiming to find out more about flings during holidays abroad. The results are impressive. If having a romantic affair is widely accepted as being pretty much the very definition of cheating, this survey revealed that there is an exception to that rule: holiday flings.

Surprisingly enough, about a third of the survey’s respondents differentiate between having an affair at home and finding a fling while traveling abroad. While the former was defined as cheating, the latter form of engaging with a new partner was treated much more loosely by the survey’s participants. About 3 out of 10 people stated that they are planning to have a fling during their holiday abroad, and some organized their vacation with a list of perceived most affair-friendly cities in mind.

Although there isn’t enough data to explain where the switch in attitude is stemming from, we can make an educated guess. First and foremost, hooking up with a stranger in a foreign place is almost guaranteed to develop and end drama-free. Holidays flings are prone to having a clear expiry date, set when both partners embark to the return trip back home.

On top of being temporary, they’re also pretty much anonymous. Finding a vacation partner on an online dating site doesn’t require more than setting up a profile, which, with a little know-how, can be set up to not disclose any information related to one’s identity.

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As for whether vacation flings are cheating or not, that’s definitely a great debate starter. Is it cheating if people don’t define it as such? Do holiday flings have any impact on the lovers’ core relationships? The answer to the big question about how moral side-relationships are, is that it depends.

Since the partners in any couple are free to define their relationship as they see fit, it’s rather up to you to decide whether you should have a vacation affair or not. There is no universal right way to behave in a relationship above the rules you and your partner set up for yourselves, so go ahead and make the decision that is most suitable for both you and your significant other.

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