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5 Best Cities for Singles in The U.S.

If you could choose a city to move to for the next several years, how would you make that decision? Some think of financial opportunities, others seek beautiful architecture, while some people go for lively places. There are so many smaller factors to take into consideration when deciding which place would make the best fit, that if we were to think through them all, people would never move around.

However, the best way to go about choosing to live in a new city is decide what’s more important for you at a given time. And we think we have just what you need. Check out this list of best U.S. cities for singles according to a piece featured in Time magazine.

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1. Miami

If you’re into nightlife and beach parties, Miami will do wonders to your bachelor social life. You can be sure to find a fun hookup for the night or at least some great party people around at the W South Beach and Wall. The foodies out there can rejoice in delightful sea food – only thinking about those oysters is bound to make any food lover drool. But Miami is not only about nightlife and the cool beaches. As an uncommitted guy or girl, you can always find other singles to wander around all the great art galleries around the city.

singles Houston

2. Houston

You can never get bored of hanging out with people who are always up for an adventure. And according to Times, fancy and witty people are a mark for Houston. If you live or want to move there, chances are you’ll get a little bit of everything, from barbeque parties to stylish art gallery openings. As a single guy or girl, Houston is your oyster. Try out the cool downtown bars where you’re guaranteed to find a fun conversation partner at any hour of the day and night.

mardi gras city

3. New Orleans

Home of amazing festivals and weekend-long parties, not to mention hundreds of cool bars, New Orleans made #3 on Time’s top cities for singles. It is, after all, the city that hosts the amazing Mardi Gras. If you’re single and want to mingle, go off the tourist grid and check out the amazingly cool night dance parties at Hi-Ho Lounge. Don’t miss the outdoor concerts at Bacchanal, and treat yourself with a couple of glasses of their best wine.

best singles place

4. Austin, Texas

If you don’t mind hipsters and a bit of an extra effort to make all things cool, Austin is the place for you. Being single in Austin may turn you into a never-sleeping party goer, because some parts of Austin never sleep. With its huge number of college students, this city is a singles heaven, as unless you live under a rock, it’s impossible to not find cool people to hang out with in Austin.

best bar in atlanta

5. Atlanta

Have you ever heard of Dancing Goats Coffee Bar? It’s this amazing bar and terrace where you’ll be able to sit and read, or mingle with strangers for hours over a great cup of single-origin coffee. Sounds fancy enough? You haven’t heard everything yet. Turns out that Atlanta is listed in top 20 cities in the U.S. with smartest residents. And don’t even get us started on the amount of places with delicious burgers in town. If you’re not packing to move to Atlanta yet, we’re already looking into cheap flights. It’s a singles’ paradise!

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